What To Expect

Coming to the Christ United Methodist Church weekly worship services is easy. You may park in front of the church on King Street (no need to 'feed' the meter on Sundays) or turn right on to Apple Avenue (the street between the church and Creative Minds Day Care Center) and park in the Day Care parking lot immediately adjacent to the church. During the week if you come visit us you can park on King Street or in the parking lot behind the Church (Burd Street).

When arriving at the door, you can expect to be met by a member of our greeter staff. They will usher you into the building and explain anything you desire to know. They will introduce themselves, ask your name, give you a Welcome Folder if you've never been here before, introduce you to others, and help you find your way into the sanctuary where we worship God each week.

You will find individuals of all ages, from the very young to some very mature. If you have children with you, they are welcome to remain with you during the worship service or if they are nursery age (birth through 4), there is a room just a short distance from the sanctuary in which they will be cared for safely (our nursery care-givers are Safe Sanctuary approved by the PA State Police and DPW).

Depending on the season of the year, you may find people in fancy attire (ties and dresses), some in sport clothes, while others will be dressed casually or in jeans and sneakers. The type of clothes one wears is not important, only you are important to us. The truth is we think you will find us very normal and see others just like yourself.