For Christ United Methodist Church, Shippensburg, PA, it all began in:

  • 1787 Shippensburg Methodist Episcopal Church was founded – started as a home church – first pastor was Rev. Dan Combs
  • 1790 First church building – a log structure measuring 40’ x 55’ - was erected on Orange Street – the first ME Church in the Cumberland Valley
  • 1791 John Wesley dies
  • 1872 Land was purchased near the center of town for a new building. It took longer to finish than expected, due to poor economic conditions and was finished in 1876
  • 1901 The church was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1903
  • 1938 After being struck by lightning, the church tower was replaced
  • 1939 The ME Church joined with the Methodist Protestant Church to form the Methodist Church
  • 1962 The new education wing with 5 rooms and a fellowship hall were consecrated to God’s service
  • 2010 Christ United Methodist Church – a place where people can worship, study, enjoy fellowship and reach out to the world community in the name of Christ.

For a complete history of Christ United Methodist Church, please visit this website http://christunitedmethodist.org/history