There are many ways in which we grow together as a community of faith and as spiritual people. One of the greatest ways we grow closer with God is through prayer.

Here at Christ UMC, we have a weekly prayer list that is published and distributed during our weekly worship services. If you would like a concern placed on the weekly prayer list, email the concern with the subject of Prayer List, so it may be placed in the bulletin with others.
We also have a weekly prayer group every Tuesday morning beginning at 10 AM. Please consider joining us for a morning of prayer!

We also have a private prayer chain that allows for immediate needs to be prayed for by individuals who deeply care for the welfare of others. These requests are kept private and confidential (unless one gives permission to share their concern) and prayed for as soon as the need is made known. If you desire a concern to receive prayer, email the concern with the subject of Prayer Chain, so it can be added to our prayer chain.

If there is a matter which you need to discuss with a pastor, please contact the church office at 717-532-6850 and an appointment can be arranged.